Paul Watkiss

Economics of Adaptation Expert

Paul Watkiss has over 25 years of experience working in the field of adaptation with a primary focus on the economics of adaptation and climate change.

Drawing on extensive knowledge of the literature (academic and grey literature), with particular expertise in the evidence base in Europe and Africa, he has co-authored a number of relevant synthesis reviews on the economics of adaptation.

This has included the 2009 technical paper on 'costs and benefits of adaptation' for the UNFCCC SUBSTA as part of the Nairobi Work Programme (socio-economic information sub-theme). He has led a number of recent studies that have advanced the methods for the economics of adaptation, including the 2007 EEA publication on the costs of adaptation: methodological aspects.

He has practical experience of undertaking studies on the economics of adaptation, particularly in the context of national adaptation analysis, working directly with policy makers. He also provided policy support to the European Commission as part of its adaptation policy development.

Paul Watkiss is member of the Core Team at GCAP UK.