Knowledge Space

The Knowledge Space is a collaboration platform to deliver innovative and effective adaptation solutions

Every organization working on climate protection, adaptation processes and risk management needs to manage a vast stream of data for delivering knowledge-led solutions. These systems cut across many knowledge domains—no single approach or tool is adequate for all users' needs. GCAP has developed a collaboration platform called Knowledge Space to deliver innovative and effective Adaptation Solutions for our clients.

The Knowledge Space enables and provides access to the foremost online and GCAP proprietary climate adaptation resources and is a catalyst for building extensive professional communities of practitioners and experts. The Knowledge Space provides our Clients with tools and apps for providing insight into the effects of climate change on their citizens, environments and businesses and assistance to develop sustainable adaptation solutions to meet their unique climate change vulnerabilities.

Knowledge Space delivers best value knowledge tools such as 

  • Comprehensive Adaptation Planning Methodology (cAPM)
  • aSpace online application suite
  • Adaptation Planning Service (APS) - UK 
  • Commercial Resilience Business Process Model (CRBM)
  • Climate Safeguard System (CSS)
  • Data Visualization