GCAP actively seeks to develop a collaborative environment where our associates become catalysts of change by sharing breadth of knowledge and experience with each other around project development and management, highlighting completed projects, and providing opportunities for career development.

Join our Global Climate Adaptation Network on LinkedIn. Become a part of our Mesh network in the UK or explore our Adaptation Academy offerings and meet adaptation practitioners from around the world.


Mesh – Networking for the UK Climate Services Community

MESH community

Co-founded by Briony Turner of Space4Climate  and Ben Smith of the Global Climate Adaptation Partnership, Mesh is a network is for anyone based in the UK working in Climate Services, from researchers and civil services to private sector, professional bodies and third sector organisations. It provides a platform for members to share achievements and learning, and to find other UK-based organisations to work with to produce climate services for economic and societal benefit within the UK and globally.

The network welcomes everyone UK-based, across all sectors, with climate expertise, be it adaptation, mitigation and/or climate data and information focused. Members can attend representing their organisation or in an individual capacity as a climate services professional.

Upcoming events: Glasgow (6th Nov) and Leeds (27th Nov). See the website for full details.


Adaptation Academy Alumni

Alumni small

GCAP’s Adaptation Academies bring together participants who are passionate in making a difference, working towards a climate-resilient future and taking on-board the skills for an effective career of leadership.

Our diverse international network of Adaptation Academy alumni now covers 40 countries and includes leaders, change makers and adaptation practitioners responsible for driving climate adaptation projects at all levels within governments, NGOs and the private sector.

Participating organizations have included:

  • UN Agencies: UNFCCC, UNEP and UNDP
  • Finance: IDB, AFDB, ADB, IFC
  • NGOs: Practical Action Nepal, Asia Foundation, WaterAid Bangladesh, Centre for Climate Concern (India)
  • Government: Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam
  • Others, self-funding, as part of career development

To collaborate on an organization level or to join as an individual practitioner, we invite you to explore our Adaptation Academy offerings.