weADAPT is 10!


In previous lives both Tom and I were involved in founding weADAPT, which is run by our friends down the road at SEI Oxford. Amazingly, weADAPT is now celebrating 10 years as an online platform for sharing knowledge, tools and case studies around climate adaptation!

A huge amount has changed in the adaptation world over the last 10 years, as questions of adaptation and resilience from somewhat of a sideshow to being absolutely central to how we deal with climate change. Two things stick out for me; the move from theory to practice and the wealth of experience we are now building in how to actually 'do' adaptation, and the increasing involvement of the private sector in adaptation as businesses begin to address their climate risks and assess the opportunities for new ways of doing business.

I'm proud to have been involved in weADAPT and just wanted to give a big well done and congratulations on 10 years as a key part of the climate adaptation landscape. There's a survey currently live, asking what developments to take forward, and features you would like to see - so please do pop over and help develop it for the next 10 years!


Ian Burton on Downing Street
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