The Adaptation Academy 2017

For the past week we’ve welcomed participants to our 8th Adaptation Academy, in Oxford. As ever it’s a diverse group, with expertise ranging from downscaled climate modelling to community engagement and participation to national and international climate policy.

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Several things stand out for me as I take a step back:

  1. Although we pride ourselves on inspiring speakers and great sessions, what’s amazing is to see the way that the peer group develops, and the learning that comes from interactions with professionals from around the world.  
  2. Participants want to understand how to DO adaptation. How do we implement adaptation in practice? How do I access funding for adaptation? How do I catalyse action on climate change in my organisation/country? That practical questions are now dominant is inspiring to me!
  3. There’s nothing like having to answer questions from people coming from a completely different perspective to make you stop and think about an issue. This is as much a learning experience for us as for everyone else!

There are 3 days left of the Academy, and I’m excited to see where the group goes! If you’re interested in joining us for next year’s Academy you can find more details here: https://www.climateadaptation.cc/our-work/adaptation-academy/oxford-adaptation-academy



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