Oxford Adaptation Academy 2014

Dr KR Viswanathan, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, was a participant at 2013 Adaptation Academy. He describes why he found the learning experience so distinctive and rewarding.

"When I arrived in Oxford a day before the start of the GCAP organised Course on Climate Adaptation, I had mixed feelings and a few questions. What was I going to take back from the course, as learnings? How effectively could these be applied in my work situation? The answers to these were forthcoming the very first day.

The resource persons presented themselves as learners despite being experts in their fields. The core learning group consisted of highly motivated persons from different parts of the globe representing different sets of stakeholders. We got down to discussing subjects as varied as climate scenarios, vulnerability, theory of change, leadership, economics of climate change etc.

Soon enough, I realized that this course was not going to be just another run of the mill workshop, but something unique and very special, as well as being held at an ideal place like Oxford where every inch of the town oozes history, knowledge, philosophy and learning. The die was thus firmly cast for three weeks of intense, yet enjoyable learning journey of climate adaptation and climate resilient development.

The course turned out to be a highly productive, intensely fulfilling and deeply enriching knowledge sharing exercise, effectively equipping ourselves fully and comprehensively with skills and capacities not only to have an in-depth appreciation of climate adaptation, but to conceptualise, design, plan, implement and monitor climate adaptation initiatives. Just as 'development', climate adaptation is an extremely complex area which envisages engagement of stakeholders representing multiple sectors interacting at multiple levels. I also realize that while climate adaptation may be local and context specific, yet the knowledge of adaptation is very much global.

I wish to strongly recommend the course to any professional, wanting to acquire a deeper, nuanced understanding of vulnerability and climate adaptation in a value based learning system."

Dr KR Viswanathan
Dy Head Climate Change and Development / Deputy Country Director
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Embassy of Switzerland, New Delhi


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