Is Global Climate Change Good for Business?

Is Global Climate Change Good for Business?
By Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson, head of the proadapt facility in the Multilateral Investment Fund, outlines how the market for climate resilience is potentially far larger even than the rapidly growing markets of renewable energy and energy efficiency.


... A First Inquiry into the Market for Climate Resilience


A new study attempts to shed some light on the growing market opportunity posed by climate resilience. The inquiry, by the Global Climate Adaptation Partnership in the United Kingdom and Grupo Laera in Colombia, will assess the markets for climate-resilience solutions in two sectors, agriculture and transportation, in three emerging markets: Colombia, South Africa, and the Philippines. These solutions are in the form of many types of products and services that help buyer better manage their exposure to climate risks, and they also include emerging investment models and public-private partnerships that help to reduce climate vulnerability....


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