GCAP Workshop Nairobi, 12th February

A workshop 'Transforming Climate Adaptation Innovation and Hotspots' will be taking place in Nairobi on 12th February hosted by the Global Climate Adaptation Partnership. It will focus on climate adaptation innovation and progress in Kenya, particularly at the sub-national level, and how this relates to the global context.

The workshop will be broken into two sessions. The morning, the Technical Adaptation and Innovation Session will emphasis:

Progressing climate adaptation sub-national strategy in Kenya
Developing climate adaptation at the regional level within Kenya
Community owned enterprises and other innovative adaptation models
Brainstorming and thinking about climate adaptation innovation
In the afternoon, an Adaptation Information Panel will focus on:

Feedback and summary of the morning session
How to plan adaptation in Kenya
High-level discussion on practical steps for moving forward with adaptation at a sub-national level in Kenya
Possible adaptation service offerings
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