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Adaptation animated!

Adaptation animated!

We view adaptation as a continuum of action. The sense of many different adaptations is essential to our adaptation toolkit. No one solution--or framing--fits all contexts. Here are three animations that we use in our Adaptation Academy and with stakeholders to quickly capture a common starting point.


1. Get your head out of the sand! A crab pokes its head out of the sand and takes a look around. What are you looking for? Waymarks in adaptation journeys? This animation is a clip from the explanation of El Nino in the Pacific by the Aussies, lots of good science there but I really like the sense of wonder in the opening sequence.



2. Who are you? Where are you going? Adaptation as a journey starts with who you are and what you need to know. Adaptation as a pathway, navigating the future is captured in this moving whiteboard clip.



3. Signatures of adaptation. This animation started with a back of the envelope in DFID offices in Kenya with Bruce Mead. It evolved into a simple typology of adaptation actions, from the baseline of current vulnerability to climate protection at the sectoral level. It evolved into an even simpler graphic as the Adaptation Continuum.



4. Adaptation as a staircase. Starting with Good Development and scaling up to Transformation, this is a simple picture of the Adaptation Continuum. A more extended view might show how different the steps are--some are easy, others may be end points for some people and organisations.



Tom Downing & Jeremy Talbot



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