A Visual Record of Climate Change

AC bridge

In recent weeks, Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria have generated heartbreaking images of widespread destruction, bringing into sharp focus the devastating power of nature and man’s tenuous place in the world. While the global call to combat climate change gains momentum, the visual record of these storms’ impacts on communities fosters a visceral and profound sense of urgency.

In his “Images from a Warming Planet,” Ashley Cooper vividly chronicles the the effects of climate change around the globe. Like the imagery from recent storm devastation, Ashley’s work anchors the impacts of climate change in the present, reinforcing the immediacy of global warming as an issue that affects us all.

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Cooper: Two railway bridges on the old Keswick railway line completely destroyed by the floods resulting from 2015’s Storm Desmond, which produced the UK’s highest ever 24 hour rainfall total. Copyright © 2017 by Ashley Cooper, all rights reserved.

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