8th November - the second day of COP22 - a context to the proceedings

8th November - the second day of COP22 - a context to the proceedings

In this summary of the second day at COP22 in Marrakech, Tom Downing explores the present focus and some of the history and context to the process and the key goals for this year.  However, as he says, overnight the world changed.  A new US president, Donald Trump, was elected.  A man who has said that climate change is a myth created by the Chinese...

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Established in 2010, GCAP (http://climateadaptation.cc) ranks among the top 10 leading climate think tanks globally, providing knowledge services related to national adaptation investment and finance, climate economics, climate adaptation strategy and planning and climate risk screening.  A world class organisation, we support managers holding over $1 billion in funds.  Our flagship, Oxford Adaptation Academy (http://www.climateadaptation.cc/our-work/adaptation-academy), is a unique incubator for leadership and innovation within the field of climate adaptation.

Prof Tom Downing is President and CEO of GCAP. Based in Oxford, England, Tom established the Global Climate Adaptation Partnership (GCAP) in 2010 to promote client-driven, knowledge-based, solutions.   He was the Director of the Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI) in Oxford, and during his career he has held a number of influential positions, including advisor to the United Nations Environment Programme and the MunichRe Foundation Chair for Social Vulnerability. He was one of the founding team for the Environmental Change Institute in the University of Oxford, including being the first director of the UK Climate Impacts Programme.  His PhD was on coping with drought in Eastern and Southern Kenya.  He is an internationally recognised thought leader in adaptation and has published over 100 papers, books, reports and book reviews, including the Atlas of Climate Change (with Kirstin Dow). See his Google Scholar page for more details: http://tinyurl.com/TEDowning.

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