16th November - COP22 - Day 10 - Momentum + Private Sector

16th November - COP22 - Day 10 - Momentum + Private Sector

Tuesday saw the opening of the Ministerial sessions, and top level restatement (and a few not so veiled warnings) that the Paris Agreement was not negotiable. In this quick summary, Ben Smith explores these, the gathering momentum behind the Paris Agreement, financial instruments and the challenge of engaging with the private sector.

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Established in 2010, GCAP (http://climateadaptation.cc) ranks among the top 10 leading climate think tanks globally, providing knowledge services related to national adaptation investment and finance, climate economics, climate adaptation strategy and planning and climate risk screening. A world class organisation, we support managers holding over $1 billion in funds. Our flagship, Oxford Adaptation Academy (http://www.climateadaptation.cc/our-work/adaptation-academy), is a unique incubator for leadership and innovation within the field of climate adaptation.

Dr Ben Smith has 9 years experience working on adaptation internationally, and specialises in climate screening and adaptation knowledge services. He is currently leading the technical redesign of the Climate Safeguards System, and is involved in GCAP's work on private sector adaptation and adaptation factsheets. Ben holds a PhD from King's College London looking at the role of river restoration in meeting ecological targets under the EU Water Framework Directive, and has particular expertise in adaptation in the Water sector. [https://www.linkedin.com/in/bdpsmith]

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