14th November - COP22 - Day 8 - Tangible projects, scalable change, investment

14th November - COP22 - Day 8 - Tangible projects, scalable change, investment

In this summary, Dominic Molloy looks at some of the exciting projects that have happened, even in the last year, that will have a tangible impact on the environment and, crucially, are attracting financial support or investment.  The scale of investment necessary for climate adaptation and resilience building, is vast, but it is also often about the replacement of redundant technologies with new ones that would form a part of normal infrastructure spending.

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About us

Established in 2010, GCAP (http://climateadaptation.cc) ranks among the top 10 leading climate think tanks globally, providing knowledge services related to national adaptation investment and finance, climate economics, climate adaptation strategy and planning and climate risk screening.  A world class organisation, we support managers holding over $1 billion in funds.  Our flagship, Oxford Adaptation Academy (http://www.climateadaptation.cc/our-work/adaptation-academy), is a unique incubator for leadership and innovation within the field of climate adaptation.

Dominic Molloy

Dominic Molloy is an Environmental Economist who works on economic research into ecosystems services, public policy, energy and sustainable land use. Bilingual, in English and Spanish, he has both developed and developing country experience. He has publications in green tourism, fiscal policy, financing for conservation, and the cost of conserving protected areas.  Currently based in Colombia, where he has been for the past 3 years, Dominic is working primarily on the IADB funded project ‘Private Markets for Climate Resilience in Latin America, Africa and Asia’, through GCAP’s Colombian partner Grupo Laera.


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