13th November 2016 - COP22 - Day 7 - Vision, Finance, slow Progress

13th November 2016 - COP22 - Day 7 - Vision, Finance, slow Progress

As COP22 comes to the end of its first week, Tom Downing summarises the week's activity.  He notes the contributions by Paul Watkinson, Chief Negotiator for France, Seyni Nafo, Chair of the African Group, Amjad Abdulla, Chief Negotiator for small island states - each championing the need for progress.  Business and Industry, Non-Governmental Organizations (BINGOs) held an all-day pavilion, at which Mike Wilkins MD of S&P Global Ratings (who regularly contributes to our Oxford Adaptation Academy) spoke. It is good to see a growing momentum in this community, but Tom points out how it needs to evolve too.  He also gives a few pointers to the highlights likely to be seen in this coming week.

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