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Transforming Disaster Risk

Map of international centers

Frank Thomalla let us know that the Asia Center in Bangkok just joined the Integrated Research on Disaster Risk network. He leads an initiative on Transforming Development and Disaster Risk, now in its second phase. This network and initiative are key to bringing disasters and adaptation together. Both need to move along the continuum from 'good resource management' to transformations that are prepared for the coming climeractic.

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GCAP & Grupo Laera @ Proadapt Climate Risk and Investment Symposium

In late April, GCAP and Grupo Laera headed to Washington DC to present the Private Markets for Climate Resilience (PMCR) project at Proadapt’s “Climate Risk and Investment Symposium: Framing Private Challenges and Opportunities”. The conference, organized by Proadapt, a program of the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank, in partnership with the Nordic Development Fund, showcased thought leaders and practitioners with topics which included examples of resilience investments in selected sectors, evolving investment instruments, models and metrics, developments in climate resilience data, analytics and entrepreneurship, among other issues.

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Private Sector Resilience snapshot – The ports sector in Colombia

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A recent presentation on climate resilience in the Colombian ports sector from our expert Carlos Andres Sanchez Garcia, illustrating initial results from the GCAP/Grupo Laera – led project 'Private Markets for Climate Resilience in Asia, Africa and Latin America'. Highlights include:

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3 key challenges for Green Investment Banks

A recent OECD/New Climate Economy report on Green Investment Banks (GIBs) has found that 12 ‘GIB or GIB-like’ institutions now exist across the world, almost all of which have been created in the past 5 years. While the progress highlighted in the report is promising, my impression is that 3 key challenges remain for these institutions in promoting large-scale, low-carbon resilient development:

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Is Global Climate Change Good for Business?

Is Global Climate Change Good for Business?By Steve Wilson

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